Vertical lift storage systems

Vertistore is the new automatic traverse drawers storage system by ZANCANER. It is a quick, dependable and extremely flexible system that can complement and be integrated with other logistic systems. Vertistore is vertical meaning considerable space saving compared to conventional systems; furthermore, thanks to its “goods to man” logic, it makes it possible to obtain great benefits associated with picking time reduction and drawers optimization.

Using Vertistore makes it possible to reduce all the costs that a company has to incur for conventional logistic facilities: waste and consumption for space and resources used as a consequence of the many structural limitations. Operating is extremely easy: the operator selects the product he wants on the control panel and the shuttle automatically moves vertically until it reaches the level where the product is situated, extracts the tray and moves it until it reaches the picking station. Handling operations are managed by dedicated software using the especially designed station corresponding to the bay.

1.Supporting structure
3.Output table mobile
4.Servo lifting
6.Reinforced timing belt
7.Lifting pulley
8.Vertical track guide
9.Inside security system
10.Control console
11.Cabinet with variable frequency
12.External panels


Vertistore can also be used on different storeys of the building. Multiple consultation points can be installed in order to provide multilevel access.

  • Lifting speed: up to 1 m/sec.
  • Traverse speed: 0.5 m/sec.
  • AlMaximum height: 12 metres
  • Tray pitch: 25 mm
  • Maximum height of the packages to be placed on trays: 800 mm

Version with single and double internal and external picking bays. The double picking bay guarantees particularly high picking speed and eliminates waiting times (while the operator is picking up the material, the automated system prepares the subsequent loading unit in the second bay available).

PC panel-based control suitable for use in industrial environments and equipped with an attractive and user-friendly graphic interface. Trays are the units used for goods transportation and storage.

Vertistore trays can contain goods of different sizes both in width and depth, but especially in height.

The positioning of each tray is managed by dedicated software which decides the best place so as to optimize global storage capacity.